Szintfelmérő teszt

Szintfelmérő / Szintfelmérő

Név / Name
Did you                             anywhere interesting last weekend?
I work as a teacher and my wife                              , too.
What is your home town                    ?
I’ m afraid I               here for your birthday party.
He                     a shower at the moment.
There isn't                  milk.
How long                    married?
He hasn't played since he                       the accident.
She knows that she                          to pay now.
If he                   about it, I'm sure he'd help.
Mr Big wants                  to his office.
There are                      around to start a football team.
These bottles                    of plastic.
Do you know where                  ?
The computer won't work unless you                        those cables.
Harry hasn't got two children,                  ?
The Jaguar is                  than that BMW.
The radio's too loud. Please,                    .
                   train are you taking, the express to Berlin or to Vienna?
I wrote it down                forget it.
If they                              you were coming, they                        come to the party.
The verdict                                tomorrow.
The man                          in his 50s.
They still haven't arrived. I                       them the right directions.
I think                         taxi driver.
I                          with the TV on. I've always slept in a quiet room.
We                     do anything yesterday.
It's all right, we                      hurry. We have plenty of time.
New York is                   than Budapest.
I don’t know where                            .

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