Basic / Pre-intermediate Quiz No5

Welcome to your Basic / Pre-intermediate Quiz No5




This week we selected a sequence of videos that might help you in communicating in English when you are travelling.


Watch the videos and then answer the questions below.


A tartalom nem elérhető.
A sütik használatát az "Elfogadás" gombra kattintva lehet jóváhagyni.

Where is the man sitting in the 1st video?

Who is the man planning to travel with?

When does his plane depart?

Where is he going to travel?

Which hotel will he be staying at?

Is he nervous about flying?

What problem does he face when he gets off his flight?

What can he see from his bedroom?

How many children is he buying souvenirs?

Which places did he visit on his 1st day of travelling?

Hope you enjoyed the video, and learnt a lot of new expressions too.

See you next week.