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Hello Everyone!
Welcome to our 1st online class. I hope you are as excited as I am. 🙂
This class let's talk about the weather. This is a typical British style small talk topic which will help you start a conversation with colleagues you don't know so well.

Here's a little help. Check these expressions before learning how to talk about the weather.
sunny - napos
rainy - esős
snowy - 'havazós' 🙂
stormy - viharos
foggy - ködös
cloudy - felhős
cold - hideg
chilly - hűvös
hot - forróság van
warm - meleg

Read and listen to these conversations about the weather.

Now write a similar conversation you might have with someone who speaks only English.

Watch this video on how to ask questions on the weather and how to answer them.

A tartalom nem elérhető.
A sütik használatát az "Elfogadás" gombra kattintva lehet jóváhagyni.
As you saw in the video, the man said sentences with comparatives (hotter) and superlatives (the hottest). Have a look at the grammar by clicking on the green 'comparatives and superlatives' words.

Now choose the correct form.
Budapest is________ than Dublin.

London is the __________ city in the world.

It is usually _________ at the countryside than in the capital city.

British cities are as _______ as the other cities in Scotland.

Los Angeles is the __________ among all cities.

In the last few classes we learnt about the PAST SIMPLE tense. Here is a link to check the grammar: PAST SIMPLE.
Now fill in the gap with the correct verb form.

The weather yesterday

When I _____ (wake) up yesterday the weather was gloomy without any sunshine.

Then as the day passed it ________ (become) sunnier and warmer.

Suddenly a storm ________ (come) in the afternoon.

By the evening the weather _____ (be) chilly again, unfortunately.

Next morning it became extremely cold and the sun ____ not shine.

I hope you enjoyed our first online class and that you learnt a lot.
See you next week.