Intermediate / Advanced Quiz No6

Welcome to your Intermediate / Advanced Quiz No6



This week we will we found a great video on Common Summer Illnesses. Watch the video and then answer the questions below.

A tartalom nem elérhető.
A sütik használatát az "Elfogadás" gombra kattintva lehet jóváhagyni.

How common are food related illnesses in the summer compared to other seasons?

What is the first thing the doctor mentions that can prevent us from getting ill during the summer?

What is the third thing she mentions?

The last one she mentions is:

Does the host believe in wearing long sleeves to prevent ticks to bite us?

After how many hours of a tick being on is there a greater risk for lyme disease to be transmitted?

What are the symptoms of lyme disease?

What kind of enteroviruses does the doctor talk about first?

What does the host and the doctor advise us to prevent summer illnesses?

What kind of doctor is a PEDIATRICIAN?

Hope you enjoyed this week's video too.

See you next week.