Intermediate / Advanced Quiz No8

Welcome to your Intermediate / Advanced Quiz No8


Total Eclipse of the Sun

A few days ago there was a beautiful phenomenon in the USA. Watch this super video about the eclipse.


How much did you understand? Choose the correct answer to the questions.

What happens when there's a total eclipse of the Sun?


What does the Sun resemble exactly before the eclipse?

How long is the Moon's orbit?

What degree is the Moon's orbit tilted compared to the Earth's orbit?

What 2 types of eclipses is the speaker talking about?

What happens when there is a total eclipse of the Sun?

When do we have an eclipse of the Sun that seems like a perfect glowing ring?

What do we know about the Moon since Apollo 11 launched it in 1969?

What did early civilisations think of the eclipse of the Sun?

See you next week! We will have our last topic before summer ends.